Bridging Difference
Bridging Difference

Welcome to Bridging Difference.

Bridging Difference  promotes  religious, racial and cultural harmony for the public benefit generally and particularly but not exclusively among young people .

Bridging difference advances its purpose by: (1) organising inter-cultural activities to facilitate dialogue and advance sustainable cross-community reconciliation; (2) breaking down and examining stereotypes, prejudices and differences in order to provide people with the knowledge, understanding and leadership skills necessary to develop a society that deals well with difference; (3) exploring differences and bridging social/cultural divides; (4) bringing people of disparate ethnic, social and religious backgrounds together (who would otherwise be unlikely to meet) to enable them to take part in sport and other activities that will boost their confidence and self-esteem and help to bridge differences between them; (5) mentoring and community outreach projects; and (6) activities that engender a greater sense of mutual trust and solidarity between diverse communities, and otherwise promote religious, racial and cultural harmony. 

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Bridging Difference

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